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Customer Care

We believe in customer care. if you are not satisfied with your purchase please do not hesitate to write or call us with your concerns. We take pride in the quality and functionality of our product. Even though we do not offer refunds, we strive to make you feel confident our protectors will do their job. If you lose a magnet or two, feel free to message us with your information and a photo so that we can send you a new one. 

Privacy & Safety

 Tailoreds does not share or sell your information to third parties. We store, and protect your personal information within our own secure database. Tailoreds uses third-party banking, stripe and paypal to verify payments. We collect and store your contact information only after your purchase was completed successfully. Your user’s privacy is of the highest importance to our business.

Wholesale Inquiries

Official Retailers can sell our stunning products. If you are interested in becoming an official retailer, send us an inquiry. We're constantly working to provide wholesale packages and prices that work for each of us. 


Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards